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Best Buy - Geek Squad Complaint - DO NOT BUY!!!!! WASTE OF MONEY!!! - Laptop repair
Best Buy - Geek Squad Complaint

Best Buy - Geek Squad Complaint


DO NOT BUY!!!!! WASTE OF MONEY!!! - Laptop repair

I bought a new macbook pro with ADH insurance and the geek squad protection plan! I made sure to ask a lot of questions. I spoke to two sales associates and both of them lied to me about what the ADH would cover when I told him I had another laptop at home that needed to be repaired. They each had a different number when I asked about the total price of the products I wanted to buy. The first told me that If I bought the mac + the ADH and geek squad+ the Office Mac the cost would be about 1610. When I came the following day and spoke to another sales person at the same store , he told me the price for the mac + the ADH and geek squad wold be 1610 and he would throw in a computer case for free. Something did not feel right! He then said the package covered damages whether physical or software on 3 devices when I told him about my other laptop. I was skeptical about buying it because I know that mac products come with a one-year warranty...but the fact that the Best Buy package was said to repair the other laptop is what made me buy it! So I decided to buy it just to get my other laptop fixed so I can give it to my computer-less (because of superstorm Sandy) sister. When I took the laptop to geek squad, they diagnosed it and told me there was interior physical damage and they could not repair it (contrary to what both sales associates told me!!!)!! I called Best Buy about 5-6 times to talk about the issue of getting false information, they told me to go into any best buy store to get a full refund since it has not been 30 days since the purchase. I was out of state and went to a store where the manager told me "It's not my problem that someone at another store gave you false information." I proceeded to calling Best Buy a few more times to get a refund and remove both the warranty and the protection plan, then after almost a month they decided to send me a check for $130 compared to the $249 I paid for the package. Worse customer service ever!! I shall never buy anything from them and will warn any friend and family member before they even think about spending their money with this company!! WASTE OF MONEY!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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barryfisher says: (5 years ago)
I just returned from Best Buy after being told that the AHD 2 year protection plan I bought to protect the MacBook Pro I bought from them a few months ago did not cover my other computer which was down because of water damage. When I bought the policy I was told that it would cover three computers if they became damaged from accident...that would be the Mac Pro and a couple of other computers I had at home. I figured it would be a good deal and bought it so as to protect my other computers and the Mac. What an out and out LIE. Best Buy LIES LIES LIES over and over again on many topics and during many transactions. These people are out and out scum. There is absolutely no question about that. I have a law enforcement and security background of over 20 years and my licensing is through the state of California. My word and oath are unimpeachable as my licensed history can substantiate. I have no reason to mislead anyone. Believe me when I tell you that Best Buy has over and over again mis-represented the terms of the agreements entered into with them. This is only the most recent. I can remain silent no longer. I was told without question that up to three computers would be covered against accidental handling damage....period...no question about it. Then, today, a mere three hours ago I brought my Asus Gaming Computer into Best Buy in Mission Viejo, Ca. to have it repaired from the water that doused it from a water pipe that broke in the apartment over head where I live and the water saturated the keyboard. I felt proud of myself in having bought the AHD plan to cover my MacBook Pro and two other computers. I felt I had done the right thing. Now I feel like a fool...having been exploited into spending $300 I didn't have to and simply being cheated out of my money. I was a fool to believe the Sales people at Best Buy. When I took my Asus into the store a few hours ago I was told point blank that only my Mac was covered by the AHD policy I bought. Amazingly enough I had called last week and spoke to a sales rep on the phone having asked him again if I would be covered on three computers against accidental damage and was assured that indeed I was. LIE !!!!!!!! Stay away from Best Buy. They have treated me as a Criminal would treat someone...simply stealing my money with out and out misrepresentation. I know what a crime is. I have fought crime as a licensed individual making personal sacrifices simply to save others pain and grief. You can believe me that I have been defrauded. I am going to pick up my Asus in a few days....the Best Buy Geek Squad Rep told me when I brought my Asus in a few hours ago that three computers were only covered under the Geek Squad Tech Support Plan I had also bought which only covers software problems...and all that he could do was test my Asus to see what exactly was wrong with it....so since I was there I left it for them to do a few tests. Get this...they just called me and told me that the screen on the Asus was not working and they thought the mother board was fried. Indeed...big surprise. They told me they could not do anything about it and that they would have to send it out for further testing in that they did not have the equipment do the tests there and where they were sending it would want between $500 and $700. They informed me that I could come pick my Asus up....which I will do tomorrow. They were hustling me to spend almost as much as the computer costs initially....$1200. What scoundrels. what thieves. To me that is out and out stealing. I was expecting them to simply honor the agreement I had paid for...and repair my Asus. These are discussing business practices...and are apparently not rare as evidenced by the complaint by another consumer logged above. It is exactly the same misrepresentation as was made to me. It is apparently their policy to rip-off the well meaning customer who entered into an agreement in good faith. They sure are able to spend the money I have to send them each month on their Best Buy Reward Card...an in-house credit card they issued to me...with the intent on making it easier to find a mark for them to steal from. This is all the absolute truth so the libel laws don't apply. Look at their behavior to not only me but to others as well. Out and out theft of our money to pay for a plan that they have no intention of honoring and telling out and out lies to be able to sell the plan. I wish they would not have bothered so I could have pursued another course in protecting my equipment. Now I am out the money I spent on the AHD policy plus my Asus computer in that I cannot get it repaired under a real plan now. I assert that they are white collar criminals intentionally having a policy designed to defraud the consumer and It is my best assessment to be wise and stay FAR FAR away from any Best Buy Store. If you don't you will only have to wait until something happens to anything you buy from them as it becomes useless when they fail to honor the representations they made to you. When that happens you too can suffer the pain of loosing the use of an electronic item you bought from them plus feeling like a fool in loosing the money you spent on what you though was real protection. Stay Away From Them. Do Yourself a favor. Don't be like me. Barry Fisher, barryjayfisher@yahoo.com Maybe some good can come from my lose in saving you the sorrow that I now feel. Thanks. BJF

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