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Best Buy - Geek Squad Comments

ten10gun says: (6 years ago)
So recently best buy has changed their policy in the geek squad that you need an appointment for anything..the policy is ridiculous..I had a laptop issue where it was covered . I went to them and they informed of the polocy and the reasoning was so people would not have to wait around. Now mind you that I was the only one there with 4 agents standing around doing nothing...I put up a stink and they finally relented. I had this problem several times over the next few weeks and each time it was the my wifes phone craps out she brings it in for warranty and they send her away with an appointment..then they call her and say phone is ready but there are no appointments for three days..further depriving her of her phone..this is a bs polocy and a waste of time with employees standing around with nothing to do.

girltograndma says: (6 years ago)
I purchased an Epson WorkForce 520 printer from Best Buy. When the black ink cartridge ran out, I called the Best Buy Geek Squad with a very specific request. How to make the ink cartridge move from the far right to the open space in order to open the cartridge cover. I was transferred 7 times from one representative to another, The 7th informed me that I needed to carry the printer into the store in order to be assisted. If Best Buy is paying these Geek Squad Representatives, Best Buy is being ripped off as are their customers.

angrydaughter says: (7 years ago)
HORRIBLE! NIGHTMARE! TREATED LIKE CRAP! My mom bought an expensive 3d tv. They charge her a certain amount to have Geek Squad come and install it. The Geek Squad guy didn't want to take the time to get a longer cable and work a little harder, so he gave my mom a wireless box to connect to her tv. Nothing but a problem. She called him 15 minutes after he left and would not return. Of course, being Labor Day noone is available until next week!..My mom is a stroke victim and was so excited to get this t.v. and they turned it into a nightmare with no sense of common courtesy or compassion for her to even tell us what to do! I spent hours on hold trying to get through to people and I live 30 minutes away so I drove twice down to the store and believe it or not, they made me stand there over an hour so they could try to get someone at the geek squad 800 number. I waited all that time and they did nothing. They called the guy at home who did the work and he said it was his day off and would not come back until Tuesday. Well, Jason Kannery, hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend, because you are a lousy Geek and have no compassion for helping people. My husband could have hung the darn tv and plugged in a wireless remote!!!! That is not way she paid for. The manager of Best buy told me not to get too loud or he would have me thrown out of Best Buy. I think that is the new trend. If you are treated badly and you get upset about, you have no recourse because they can throw the old "You're yelling at me", theory and they make the customer the bad guy!!!! Worst experience I have ever had with any type of store. They told me there is nothing wrong with their phone system. I took video of guys just standing around talking on personal phone calls. Other people on cell phones with personal calls. People outside smoking. The Manager was standing at the door just greeting people. HOW ABOUT ANSWERING THE DAMN PHONE!!!!! They are supposedly the best store out there for electronics. Well, good luck with that. I wouldn't buy a battery from you people! I'm complaing to the REAL corporate people come Tuesday morning. If more people would stand together against these rip-offs, maybe we can get rid of these useless people in control

Geekhater says: (8 years ago)
Geek squad is the slowest, unprofessional, ignorant geeks I have ever seen in my life....simple as that.

DisappointedGeek says: (10 years ago)
The second time I tried to get the netbook optimized, I was told to leave it for an hour after paying the $40 fee. While I was gone, I got a call on my cell phone from the geek squad saying they needed another hour because their one external drive was being used by another technician. And, of course, the person I talked to before this last unsuccessful attempt to get the optimization didn't tell me I needed to bring my own external drive for the optimization. Okay... So, why doesn't a computer repair store have more than one external DVD/CD-ROM drive anyway???

Unwilling to hang around for another hour because I had an appointment on the other side of town and didn't want to drive home, back to the store, and then back home later, I retrieved my computer and got a refund for the optimization that never occurred. Before leaving, I complained to the geek squad supervisor. He told me they used to have more than one external drive but that the other one "had gone out." Okay... So what kind of computer repair store depends on a single one of the most common pieces of equipment in modern computing??? And what kind of computer repair store can't repair or replace its own equipment???
Hey, Best Buy, take a page out of the Apple Store play book. They know how to run an efficient onsite repair service, which is something you seem to need a whole lot of help doing. Be assured that I'll never waste my time trying to get service from your geek squad again.

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